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Plus.Events: Business Networking at Events


The Project

As tech enthusiasts, we went to lots of networking events, from cosy ones at bars with around 100 people to large-scale, multiple day conferences. However, we ended up either frustrated with ourselves at not being able to approach strangers, at wasting time with just a handful of ‘new friends’ or meeting hundreds of people, but not finding any relevant people to march our purpose of visit.

This is where we felt we needed something out of the ordinary, something different, something to cut out the clutter and get straight to business. We needed to create:

  • Creative User Interface

  • Cross-Platform Bluetooth Location Functionality

  • System of Skills Tags


We needed to add the functionality for event managers to create and edit their events, as well as study detailed analytics. As this is a B2B app, it needed to work on both Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems from day one, especially the cross-platform Bluetooth location functionality. We plan to launch a web portal in the near future, however, currently we are focusing on:

  • Web Admin Panel

  • Native Apple iOS Mobile App

  • Native Google Android Mobile App